Welcome to the Greater Laguna Coast Fire Safe Council

On October 27th, 1993, Laguna Beach lost over 200 homes. In the years following this devastation, construction, plantings, and time have erased the visible scars. Unfortunately, the possibility of another devastating fire still exists.

To help protect the local region from future disaster, the Greater Laguna Coast Fire Safe Council has been organized. This council, which has received grants from both the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service, seeks to develop activities that will keep residents informed about fire dangers and to promote fire mitigation measures.

The Laguna Coast Council is one of over one hundred such community-centered Fire Safe Councils across California. Our focus is fire prevention through community awareness. This strategy is most effective with the participation of everyone affected, so please, check out all of the resources on this site and feel free to assist our efforts in whatever way you can.


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