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Fire Alert Flag


You Can Help Prevent Another Disaster Volunteer for the Fire Alert Flag Program

The Fire Alert Flag Program is done in conjunction with the Red Flag Patrols.  Our intent is to enlist the active involvement of local businesses and other interested parties (schools, churches, homeowner associations, etc.).  The Greater Laguna Coast Fire Safe Council will provided attractive 3' by 5' red flags with the "Fire Alert" logo common to all the Red Flag Patrol items prominently featured.  Program participants agree to display the flag during an official Red Flag Alert.

The purpose of the highly visible, bright red, Fire Alert Flag program is to first raise the general population's awareness that a high fire hazard condition exists and second to associate the participants with the practical activities of the Fire Safe Council.  It is our intent that on Red Flag days, it will be difficult for the average motorist or pedestrian to fail to notice the number of bright red flags along the highways and to thus be more aware that they should be more careful with any activity that could start a fire.

For more information contact Pam Adams at pacats@cox.net or Click Here for a Fire Alert Flag Application


You Can Help Prevent Another Disaster Volunteer for the Fire Alert Flag, Download an application

Download our Fire Alert Flag Community Outreach Manual
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